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I'm a costume designer, makeup artist, teacher, mom, sewer, knitter, baker, want-to-learn-how-to-do-it-all, blogging, Costumed Beagle enthusiast. I am not always pleasant, although through intensive cupcake therapy I have learned not to throw knives at people anymore.

Friday, June 13, 2014

When Homework Pays Off

I love to go on vacation.  Who doesn't?  Crazy people maybe.  I love going with the Citizens and I love going new places.

But you know what I love almost as much?

Prepping to go on vacation.  Not the lame stuff like packing and stuff, but the research.  The book work.  The planning and making of reservations.  I LOVE that.

We're heading out on our fifth to last true family vacation this summer and so I stopped by the library to see how they could help me out.

Just looking at this pile of books gives me tingles.

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