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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Whatcha Up to La? Love Potions and Sundance

Tonight L'elisir d'amore  or The Elixir of Love by Donizetti opens.  It only runs through the weekend and has 2 different casts (well...the leads anyway).  It is pretty fun.  The costumes for this show consist of country peasants (French country if you are talking to me....but it is sung in Italian so non-specific if you talk to anyone else) and they are all pulled.  Even so, I think they turned out fun.  I used LOTS of layers with multi-skirts on all the women.  No corsets.  I wish there was dancing so they could swish all those skirts around.  I was lucky there were a lot of options to pull from out of BYU stock.

I used this painting at BYU's art museum as one of my primary bits of research.  I LOVE this painting. It is called
Le Premier Chagrin "The First Grief by Daniel Ridgeway night c. 1892.

Anyway.  Plays through Saturday.  Go here for tickets.  This may be the last opera I design for them for awhile with my other job stuff, and you'll definitely want to see one of the operas I did for them.  They're the best.

I'm also getting geared up for my 5th season with Sundance Summer Theatre.  This year we are doing Fiddler on The Roof.  Here are a couple of pics from our publicity photo shoot that I snapped with my iphone.  This show seems to be VERY popular with the Utah crowd and already has one sold out performance.  If you want to go see this, I wouldn't wait to get tickets.  You'll end up very sad. Ticket information here.  Seriously, don't wait.  It is a bit more expensive to go to theatre up the canyon, but still reasonable and it is so fun to go up there and see outdoor theatre up on a mountain.  Plus, you never know...you might run into Bob.

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