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Thursday, June 12, 2014

TBT: Pendarvis House

In 1998 we moved to Wisconsin.  Diplomas hot in our young naive hands, we headed off in search of dreams...or some such nonsense.

Anyway, we eventually settled in a small house in a small town called Mineral Point.  Settled by Cornish miners in the 1830's, it had become a tiny artist's community.  It also had some great Historic homes and introduced us to the pasty which was served in every diner and bar in town.

That first summer, before we had really settled there permanently, I worked for a summer theatre company called American Players in Spring Green-the home of Frank Lloyd Wright.  It is a lovely theatre company.  You should go there.  My friend Tara also ventured to the mid-west and worked at American Players for the summer.  There were several Tornado warnings that did not much agree with her. (I think I should have been more scared of them than I was...I hadn't watched enough news at that point in my life to realize what those sirens really meant.)

So for today's TBT I give you Tara and La at Pendarvis House.  Ahhhhh youth.  So unjaded.

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