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Monday, June 9, 2014

Let The Wild Rumpus Begin!

Today is was the first Official day of summer as far as I'm concerned....school's out, it is Monday, and we take summer seriously.  I'm a planner, so as you can imagine, summer is not a time for sleeping in and being lazy!  It is a time to get caught up, go places, do things, etc, etc.

So I presented The Citizen's with an agenda for the day, which included a nice late start of 8:00 am (I was up earlier to try to get in a walk before the dreadful sun got too strong) which listed the day's activities as well as the things they needed to get done like chores, piano practice, etc, etc. along with a menu because one of my least favorite kid question of all time has to be "what's for dinner?" or any of the other meals they seem to think they need to eat everyday.  Every thing had a little box for check marks because everyone knows that a check mark on a list is pretty much the best thing ever, so I wanted to make sure they had that little joy in their lives.  I'm a good mom that way.

So after chores, etc, etc., we betook ourselves with some friends to Mrs. Cavanaugh's chocolate factory for a tour.  Located in NORTH Salt Lake (do NOT let Siri take you there, you'll end up in the Avenues) where they show you a little movie and you can see the production floor (which is very quiet this time of year) and then they give you a chocolate.  We watched a woman make peanut clusters with her bare hands.  I can't say it will be the high-light of our summer, but it was a fun kick-off.

We then headed south where the Urchins spent the afternoon at the Noorda Theatre Summer Camp at UVU.  This is their 4th year there; this year they are doing the backstage class where they paint sets and make props and apparently will be trained in stage lighting (they get to go up on the grid Wednesday-so I'm told).  They love it, although I think this may be Mr. Beene's last year.  Anyway, this allowed me to get in a teensy bit of work (yay me!  so hard to do in the summer...).

After camp we hit both the library AND Barnes and Noble for the summer reading program sign-ups.

Tomorrow, we start in on swim lessons!   I sure love the first week of summer!  I'll be exhausted by this time next week, but for now, for this very minute, it is great.

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