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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Celebrate with FIRE

SUMMER is almost HERE Y'ALL!

My kids still have a couple more days of "school" but I'm not too concerned because this last week the teachers just call it quits.  They stop checking to see if you've signed that planner (I haven't) and they've even packed up all the books and at the elementary school level, they've already taken away the desks.  So what is the point of these last few days??  To fulfill their educational obligation, of course.  Whatever.  The Missus has field day tomorrow and I'm volunteering and hope to get assigned to a hose.  Because nothing says power on field day like being able to spray kids with water.

So I decided to kick off summer for reals today since it IS June 1st and all.  And how do we do that, you ask?  FIRE, of course.  Growing up in Southern Utah (well...anywhere in Utah really) all you hear about all summer are the fires.  Evil, destructive fires that take out national forests and char the land.  But here in our lush green back yard, they are safe and contained and help create deliciousness on a stick!

The Citizens really like fire.  Mr. Beene has become the resident fire maker at our house and is the ONE job I can count on him doing immediately and thoroughly.


So how do you ring in the good tidings of summer fantasticness at your house?

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