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Monday, June 2, 2014

And the Old Shall Be New

Whilst running errands the other day I passed a woman who looked as though she was walking for exercise.  This is not unusual, but like myself, she had an aversion to the sun.  How do I know this?  Because she was wearing this:

And I was impressed.

And then there was that whole thing with Reading Rainbow last week.  (You know, where the guy who told the stories bought it and wants to make it all available to everyone online and did a kickstarter and everyone said YES! and he raised a million dollars in a day??)

And then I got to thinking about old useful stuff and what other things from our not so distant past could I use to my benefit? Or that I missed?  Things that had sadly, and for no apparent reason, fallen out of favor?

Like a real hair style.  I used to obsess about that hair.  Iron it (yes with an iron--this was before the flat iron) sleep in curlers, crimp, perm, mousse and rat.  And now?  I just feel lucky buns are the "in" thing right now, because I can totally keep up with that.

Or Ankle Weights.  I think I could give myself a good workout wearing those without actually exercising.

And when did the bathroom stop being a place where we made a decorating statement?

This.  This poncho/dress/Caftan thing is probably universally flattering on ALL women.  And it looks nice and cool for those hot summer days.

 Back to exercise.  Remember when this came on PBS?  I think it used to broadcast out of BYU...We could all use a little of this in our lives.

 MOOD Rings.  How great would it be just to look at someones hand and be able to know what mood that person was in before we even started talking?  Simplify.

 Mr. Rogers.  I just miss this.  I know you can still watch it, but I wonder what good ole' Fred would do now?  Probably take us on a tour of an iphone factory...

 Which also makes me think of this:  Picture Pages.

I am not suggesting we go back to simpler times.  I like my internets and iphone and a whole host of other modern things very much, thank you.  But I wouldn't mind a few of the oldies too.  What do you miss, or could otherwise put to good use from yester year?

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