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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Time Panic

From our Glacier trip 2 summers ago
A few weeks ago I was having a little chat with an "old" High School pal who also had a daughter in Seussical.  We were lamenting the huge time commitment of letting your child do the thing she wants to do and she said it was her daughter's last year.  Her oldest would only be home a few more years and she wasn't willing to give up Spring break (a requirement for the timing of this show).  She had things she wanted to do.

Well this sent me into a sort of spiraling-out-of-control panic.

Mr. Beene just turned 13.  He's about to wrap up 7th grade (Thank goodness that year is nearly behind us) and if I stop and do the math....I only have (realistically) FIVE MORE SUMMERS with the 3 of us together.  After that he'll go to college or mission or work or whatever it is an 18 year old boy gets into his head to do.  He'll be grown.  And he won't be mine anymore.  (You just started doing the math on your people, didn't you??)

Five.  I have Five summer vacations.  Five.  We talk about all sorts of plans of things we want to do and see.  We're go-ers, you see.  We like to go and do things.  And we've been very very lucky that we've been able to go.  Some of that was because of the other parent, but some of the more meaningful camping trips have been mine and mine alone.  It took planning and saving.  The next five years are going to take planning and saving.  I'm lucky that I am typically able to take 2 or 3 weeks in the summer to do stuff.  But it is still going to take planning and saving.

Here's the run down:

#1 (this year) Northwest Tour: Portland, Seattle, camping on Orcas Island with our dear friends (whose daughter I secretly hope lures William in 15 years to marry her).  Then down the coast to San Francisco where Wm really wants to see Alcatraz and then possibly several more days in Yosemite.

The next several could be in any order:

#2 Southwest Tour: Grand Canyon, Pueblo, Carlsbad Caverns, Lake Powell and the like.

#3 Eastern Tour: Washington DC, Monticello, perhaps some Civil War sites.

#4 Island Tour: Hawaii.  This one will only really work if we can tag along with some friends who have a condo there.  But We've talked about it and now it is on my calendar.  I think she'd on the Big Island but I really want to go to Kauai too.  Volcanoes and stuff.

#5 British Isles Tour.  This would be for Wm's graduation.  He really wants to go to England.  I've never seen Paris.  How bad could Ireland or Scotland be?  I mean, really?

So as you can see, the planning part of my brain has swung into action.  Planning and saving.

I've only got FIVE years.  And then I'm left for three years with a teenage girl (heaven help us all) and then they are gone.  GONE.  If I had had more children, I wouldn't be left an empty-nester before 50.  But there you go.  So go we must.

Planning and saving.

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  1. I wish you would have posted this 5 years ago.... Too late, thanks a lot! :-) Lindsey will be at BYU this fall and working at Jacobs Lake this summer. Days with dad are on the digits now.... :-( On the bright side, I'm shipping our car to England today as the first prep for a two year "tour".