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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I Got The JOB!

As many of you know, I decided that working THREE part-times jobs wasn't really working for me anymore.  I purposely pulled back to part-time several years ago, but over the last few years the part-
time work has ramped up significantly to be full time (if not more) without the benefits of full time.  I knew I would need to go back eventually, but then the recession hit and there just aren't that many jobs in my profession anyway never mind that the first thing that gets cut when funding gets tight is the arts.

Anyway, this is the first year there have been significantly more jobs posted (and by significant, we're talking around a dozen.  Yes, that's right 12 for THE ENTIRE COUNTRY).  So I applied.  Not for all of them, but most.  The response has been positive.  I was sent rejection emails from 3 schools--2 of which I was over-qualified for and one was in FLORIDA-so no love lost there.  Three others chose to interview me. YAY!  I've flown to New York, Pennsylvania and Kansas.  I feel like an old pro at this.  If you include the interviews I did after grad school, I've interviewed nationally at 11 schools.

And then there were multiple job offers.  I can't even begin to explain how great it felt to know that other universities out there saw the value in how I've spent my time and energy over the past many years.  To know that I was competitive.  It was very validating.  And of course, it is my year...

And then there was a last minute contender. UVU decided to switch one of its Full time tenure track lines over to costume design.  So I applied.  And I interviewed.  And today they officially offered me the job.  And I took it.  I'm thrilled. I'm thrilled we won't have to move and uproot kids and dog and all that goes with moving (been there, done that), but also because I really like teaching at UVU.  If you're surprised by that, so was I.  It is actually a different school than when I started teaching a makeup class there 7 years ago, and waaaaaaay different from when I started college.  I like my students and I like my colleagues there.

I start in August and I'm sure there will be growing pains as there is with all new jobs (and this one is really new), but I'm happy to stay and continue to build my life here.  Plus, I really love the mountains. Kansas would actually have been a great job, but man...not so much as a sledding hill in sight.

The part of my brain that likes to plan things can now switch from "what if we have to move" to building new syllabi and decorating my office.   I really like to have my calendar pretty well mapped out for 6 months (and tentatively for about a year-really, I do), so the uncertainty was killing me!

And yay!  ONE job (I'm sure there will be some shows I take on, but they won't be as necessary) WITH health insurance and WITH benefits.  Maybe my kids won't have to take me in when they're grown.  YAY!

So moving upward and onward.  Molding young theatre brains as best as one can.  Who knew I'd end up a college professor? Go Wolverines!

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