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Sunday, April 13, 2014


GUYS.  I met Ira Glass.  Here is proof.  This is also a rare picture of me because I'm not terribly photogenic and refuse to let my picture be taken, but I did in really bad lighting because: IRA GLASS.

If you do not know who that is you are dead to me.
If you would like to pretend you know who that is until such time as you can google him and listen to all 522 episodes of This American Life, I will accept that.

Also, this is my friend Megan whom I lured to Utah from Portland with promises of Ira.   When your friend lives in Portland you have to pull out the big guns to get her to visit.  It worked because she is as nerdy as I am and has as big a voice crush on Mr. Ira as I do.

We got to go to a meet n' greet before the show which is where this pic was taken and we were quite frankly some of the youngest people in the room.  Apparently public radio is really for the 60+ crowd which makes us nerdy and OLD.  Megan waved at him across the room and he came over to talk to us, but then we got star struck and Megan said something about pickles and then the conversation got weird and he just stared at us quietly for a minute and then we took the picture and he went on to people who can hold actual conversations.  He had strep throat so he didn't shake our hands, but I would have risked it.

*Note to self: think of things to ask and say before hand when you are going to meet famous and interesting people so you look less stupid.

We then sort of stalked Doug Fabrizio around the room a bit before we left.

The show was great.  He operated the whole thing from an ipad mini in his hand.  And he danced.   HE DANCED.  And looked like he enjoyed every moment of it.

And now, pretty much, my life is complete.

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