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Monday, April 7, 2014

Eating Out: Fats Grill

Fat Grill
 2182 S Highland Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84106 (Sugarhouse)

Ok.  First off, I've been trying to diversify my date nights with The Citizens.  If we get the opportunity for me to take one of them out on a date night, I usually let them pick, but I bought a Groupon to this place because it was advertising great burgers (which Mr. Beene loves) and is right around the corner from his art class (convenient).

So last week Mr. Beene and I went, we were there early-ish, but discovered immediately that it was a bar.  The Groupon made it sound like a burger joint that served beer, while this was clearly a bar that served burgers.  They did have a separate dining area and minors could eat there until 7:00, which was fine as we had a full hour to eat and go. It also looks like this is a place for local bands to perform. It is probably a great place for a younger hipper crowd than me.  But we came for food, so it didn't matter so much.

The menu looked pretty good-lots of burgers panini, pizza, wings...but after waiting twenty minutes (and it was not busy) I finally went to the bar to see if we were supposed to order there.  Since I had already talked to a member of the wait staff about having a minor with me and they had informed me that we needed to leave by 7:00 I would have thought getting our order so we could get out would have been a priority.  Not so.  They seemed surprised and said "Oh.  I didn't know you wanted to order food."  We were reading menus, sitting in the dining area for fun...

After giving our orders, the food came out pretty promptly and looked pretty yummy.  I had opted for a bacon-blue burger and Mr. Beene for a traditional bacon cheeseburger.  Sour-dough buns, nice presentation.
Taste, however, was pretty mediocre.  The fries were semi-burnt, dry and hard.  I think they may have been baked, which is great, but they weren't done very well.  The burger and bun were also dry with the bun tasting a bit stale and the burger overcooked.  The bacon and blue bits were tasty but didn't really compensate for the dry burger.  She also brought me a regular instead of diet coke.  

I think individually, none of those things would have bothered me, but when grouped together does not equal a good experience.  I had a great time chatting with Mr. Beene, but we are unlikely to go back.  I'll bet they are a great place to check out the local music scene, but I wouldn't go for the food.  When I asked Mr. Beene what he thought, he shrugged and said it was "just ok."  It really isn't too hard to please a growing teenage boy, so that is probably the worst recommendation of all.

In all, Mr. Beene gave it 1/2 thumbs-up.

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