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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ye Olde Time Photographs of London Towne

At Trafalgar Square.  We tried to feed the pigeons.
This one got caught in my hair.  And yes,
I AM wearing jean short overalls, with a sweatshirt
tied around my waist.
So I guess there's this thing with the youths called Throw-back Thursdays or some such nonsense, but I LOVE OLD PHOTOS, so I'm totally going to do this thing.

Today, I bring to ye pictures from my study abroad in London.

We actually carried cameras with us the whole time; the kind with FILM in them (were the digital kind even invented yet??) and I bought several rolls of B &W because: LONDON.

This was 1996 folks, which only partially explains why I am wearing a plaid sack at Stonehenge.  Yeah, that's right, I've been to Stonehenge.  I had such a marvelous experience that summer.  It was my last summer before I came home and did what all good Mormon girls were supposed to do: Get Married.  And we all know how that ended.

I have never once been accused of being "dramatic"  even when
rowing on the Serpentine.
I went with a whole group of other costume gals and lifelong BFFs.  I took out a student loan (my only as an undergrad) and hardly ate at all while I was there.  It was amazing.  We saw theatre nearly everyday and was my first time seeing big time for reals theatre with big time for reals actors. It was my first time out of the country and I felt so grown up and cosmopolitan.  It was my favorite thing IN THE WORLD when American tourists would stop me on the street and ask directions...like they didn't realize I was one of them.

We sketched in the V&A and got produce on Portobello road on which you had to pass right by George Orwell's house.  We went to castles and cemeteries and museums and traveled by "tube." And were hardly accountable to any adult much of the time.

It was amazing.

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