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Monday, March 10, 2014

Why do the Mad Men Hate US SO MUCH?

Why do advertisers hate us so much?  Or maybe it is all that illicit marijuana.  Right, wait,  NOT illicit...

And almost as importantly, why do they hate cats?  Because the world is full of commercials that
clearly cater ONLY to crazy cat ladies.  But regular people have cats too, and all of us are influenced by the cat commercials, and because of these commercials I don't want a cat (we can't have cats, but IF we could, I wouldn't want one for fear of people thinking I watch these commercials).

This.  This is the stuff I'm talking about:

And what the hell is this?  "Throw me that litter????"  This is not a catch phrase and also, who needs litter while they are running?  OR playing football?  And that lady at costco?  Wimp.
This commercial is making people hate cats.

And then, I was watching SNL on Hulu and this commercial came on.  I'm not an advertising magician, but I thought this was an SNL spoof...until it came on for the fourth time.

And how exciting does toothpaste really need to be?

And then there is this:  Mr. Clean.  First of all, he runs around cleaning just a swipe of every dirty surface.  Anyone could tell you that is not a good way to clean.  And also, someone needs to tell him that white sweat pants are not at all attractive.

Ok...so I couldn't get this video to upload.  So it you want to see it, go here.

And lastly, this.  Just gross. I don't want to eat this.  I guess maybe a different demographic might, but I buy the groceries...so, no.  I also thought this was a spoof.


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