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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Whatcha Up to La? Seussical & Opera & Sundance & Cristo, OH MY!

I realized I haven't posted much on my projects that I've been working on lately....so here you go!

I've got 4 shows in the mix right now.  Two are deep in the throes of "creativity" (or something like that).
ALL the things!

You may have seen a few pics from my final group fittings of Seussical the other day.  This is my kids group.  Center Stage Youth Performers.  Kids ages 7-17...and 89 of them.  This is the smallest show I've done for them at just about 200 costumes.

Gertrude and her tail

We buy a LOT of stuff for this group.  Its the only way you can make numbers like this work.  But parents are also required to donate some time and I get a group of moms who range in ability from "can handle glue gun" to some pretty excellent sewers.  That complicates what I can design...this is my 4th year with this group.  They're pretty cute, and since my own Citizen is part of it, makes it pretty fun too.  Crazy.  But fun.

Amazing Mayzie!

If you'd like to come see the show, it is April 15-19 over at the Covey in Provo.  If you call in and order your tickets and tell them you are buying your tickets from Anna B.  I'd be ever so grateful.

I'm also right in the middle of fittings for Elixir of Love (an opera) over at BYU.  This is a work by Donizetti, spoken in English, sung in Italian, English subtitles.  French/Italian countryside peasants.

This is a fully pulled show, but I'm having fun putting the different looks together.  Story goes boy loves girl, girl spurns boy for flamboyant solider man, boy buys love potion from traveling salesman, uses it on girl, it doesn't work, but then he inherits money and that does the trick. (It is Pride and Prejudice, guys....but sung in Italian...and NOT Jane Austin).

I also have two other project that are in the early stages:

Fiddler on the Roof, for whom I will do hair and makeup this summer up at Sundance and The Count of Monte Cristo, a new musical by Frank Wildhorn (think Scarlet Pimpernel and Jekyll and Hyde) that will make its US premiere (premier?) at BYU next January.  I had a production meeting this week WITH Mr. Wildhorn this week guys.  This is an amazing project.  I am super excited about this one. You'll definitely want to buy your tickets early for both productions.

I'll keep you posted on those as stuff moves along.

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