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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Russia & Ukraine

Today's Throwback Thursday also features me and my humidity hair, but this time in the Ukraine and Russia.  1997.

 Justin worked for a tour company that did these river boat trips and he went to do some sort of work and I just went.  We went to Kiev for about a week before.

I've had the Ukraine on my mind, as of late.  It seemed like such a quiet, peaceful place.  In fact, Kiev was one of the cleanest, quietest big cities I've ever been in.  To see the rioting that occurred last month and the threat from their ever present Russian neighbor looming over them is really sad.

This pic is overlooking the Lavra Monastery or the Kiev Monastery of the Caves.  This is among the most famous (and cool) places in Ukraine.  It is almost 1,000 years old is also one of the largest museums in Ukraine while still being an active monastery.  Women have to wear a skirt and cover their heads before entering and since it is built against a sort of rock hill facing the river Dnieper where there are actually these caves.  There are monks and other religious figures buried here and there along the narrow cave tunnels, and by buried, I mean laying semi covered in open coffins in little cut-out enclaves in the rock.

We then spent 3 weeks (or so) on a boat that traveled up and then back down the Volga river.  You woke every day in a different Russian city.

Here I am on Red Square in Moscow.  I think they copied  a section of the "Its a Small World" ride at Disneyland rather impressively.  Also, Lenin is there, and he is super creepy and not at all looking like a human these days.

We then took a bus to St. Petersburg where I got to spend exactly THREE HOURS in the Hermitage.  Nothing says "I love art" like racing past the great masters of the centuries.
We also went to Catherine's Winter Palace and a small "lesser" palace where Rasputin was put to death eventually.  He has to be one of the creepier characters in all of history, and this is Russia we're talking about.  You know, the Russia with Putin, so we've got plenty of people to choose from. (Although now that I write that, notice the similarities in their names...)

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