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Monday, March 3, 2014

Other People's Grief

A large part of my day today was taken up with the funeral for a friend's husband.  It was an unexpected and tragic death and left four young children without a father.

I attend very few funerals, but this one was probably the saddest of them all.  Since hearing the new last week, I have been overcome with sadness for my friend and her children.  I am not without grief in my own life, but I do not know the pain and loss she must feel. I know it must be great.  Had it been me, I think I would be overwhelmed by it.

As a friend, I so much want to help, but do not know how to be helpful or to be a comfort.  She has lots of family around her right now, but in a few days most of them will be gone and I suppose that's when it will be time to get practical and figure stuff out.  I hope I can be helpful and that she know that my offers to help in any possible way are genuine.

I offered to bring food to the family luncheon after and was given a few choices.  "I'll take cookies.  We know how to do cookies at our house."  So yesterday I spent most of the day baking.  One plate of cookies seemed so small against so much sadness, so I just kept on.  Eventually I had to stop because I ran out of platters to put them on.  They may seem trivial, but they were all I had to offer. I'm not really good at this sort of thing.

I'm not even going to get into the Why did this have to happen questions or crap like Trials help us grow, because NONE of that is helpful.  And really, that's what I wish I could be for her.  Helpful.

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