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Thursday, March 20, 2014

And That's When I Remembered I Don't Do Well In Humidity

Its Throwback Thursday!

I think I'm going through travel nostalgia because today's pic is from 2000.  

Just after college I worked for Lands' End in their home division and through a series of odd events, after about a year I somehow ended up as the only designer and then the one that that knew the most about LE business and the design plans.  I was in charge of designing sheet print patterns and picking color palettes and kids stuff and quilts.  And the quilts were made in India.  So to India I went.

Yup, that's the Taj Mahal.  Do not be jealous.  You can get a better look at stuff by watching a documentary on it.  But I guess it is cool.

What is not cool in this pic?  Me.  I am clearly not cool.  And that  hair?  That is humidity hair.  And humidity face.

And also you can't drink the water or eat any fruit.  But i, somehow thought I could escape the madness and ate a whole buncha super delicious hors devours at a party and got what is fondly referred to as "Delhi-belly."  Did you know they have Indian MTV and that Turner Classics plays around the clock in India?  Well they do.  I know this because I couldn't leave my room for almost 3 days.

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