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Sunday, February 9, 2014

View From a Train

So UTA and I may have mended the spat we had last year this time.  The Frontrunner train, which connects Davis, Salt Lake and Utah Counties was new and still experiencing some growing pains.  I've been trying to take the train as often as possible, since it is both economical and good for our air.  We've had HORRIBLE air quality this year.  Bad enough that regular old citizens like myself are starting to pay attention and have fits.  And EVERYONE has been so sick...I have to think the two are related.

I kept track and in the month of January I took the train 12 out of 19 possible days saving myself approximately.....$240 in gas.  Did that number make you a little sick to your stomach?  It should.  I drive a mid-size SUV, which I need to shuttle my costumes all around like a crazy person, but commuting is not its thing, and I cannot afford both a carrying car and a commuter car (someday....).

So these days the train is mostly running on time.  I'm not gonna lie, though...it takes planning to take the train.  They have added in extra trains and the 1/2 hour during morning and afternoon rush hour...but if you miss it, it is at least a half hour if not an hour til the next one.  It is getting busier, though, so I'm hoping we'll soon move to a 15-20 minutes schedule, which would really be great for us daily commuters.  Also, my drive to UVU takes 35 from my house.  To take the train, I have to plan and hour and ten minutes.  That times adds up to more than an extra hour commuting a day.  Yeah, there's Internet and I try to use that time to get stuff done, but when you run on a tight schedule like I do, an extra hour a day is a big deal.

Also, people are annoying.  They are loud and rude and consistently choose to sit at the tables to SLEEP.  You can sleep anywhere...I need that table to set up my computer and spread out my papers and WORK.  Move it, buddy.

That said, I'm pretty proud of SLC and the job they've done with the trax and front runner.  We're seldom out in front for progressive stuff, but this is an area where someone has planned and made things happen.

Here are a collection of "Views From a Train" as I'm calling them, that I've been collecting since last spring.

And lest you think all train views are beautiful...

This is a Mink farm in Lehi...you know, for all those Mink coats
you still see people wear.

There are LOTS of piles of trash along my route.

And there are dozens of homes this close to the train tracks.
I can look right into their backyards only feet away.

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