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Monday, February 17, 2014

This Little Piggy

So we trucked south this weekend to the warm sunshine.  My family still lives there, and my kids love to play with their cousins "down on the farm."  I jest because they don't actually live on a farm, but it seems to be getting closer and closer to it all the time.

They live in Hurricane and before you go pronouncing it all fancy, I'd like to point out that on Wikipedia, which we all know to be the source of all information in the modern world, says that you say it 'Hur-kan".  

They actually live in the middle of this southern Utah metropolis-like near "downtown" not out in the sticks and are allowed to have (and have had or the neighbors have had at any given time) horses, pigs, goats, chickens, cows and anything else.  Last time we were there it was baby goats next door.

Currently, they have two batches of piglets.  One about 2 or 3 weeks old and one less than a week. THEY ARE SO CUTE.  I wanted one until I looked at their moms and decided against it.  Poor mom pigs.  They have something like 14 babies a pop.

To add to the farm love, my sister and her husband have taken on an actual farm down the road a bit in Toquerville with cows.  We stopped by there today while they tagged all the new calves and my son and his cousins tore around the fields on four wheelers like mad men.  And burned things. They burned a big pile of stuff.  We smelled awesome.  When you live on a farm, you must smell awesome all the time.

William took to a day on the farm like a champ.  Anna was bored and wrinkled that freckled little nose somethin' fierce.  Although she did like holding the baby pigs.  And who wouldn't??  They were so stinkin' cute.  I would gladly trade Huck for one.

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