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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Get The Skinny

So, for some reason, I am drawn like a moth to the flame of crazy diets.  Not that I participate in them, but I find them, for no apparent reason  (or maybe they find me for a very apparent reason...hm...where's my cupcake?)

Here's a round up of some the most awesome (read: terrifying) diets on the planet.  May you find the right fit for you.  Or, you know...we could eat a little less and exercise a little more...

Werewolf Diet

Apparently, this is diet based on using cleansing juice type fasts using a lunar calendar...not getting a wolf to pick off the fatty parts of your ass.  Looking at this diet did learn me some new vocabulary, though, which i love.  Lycanthrope: which is a werewolf.

The Marie Antoinette Diet

I could get into this one.  In this diet, you eat cake for breakfast.  Well...not exactly, but if you are going to eat cake, eat it early on in the day and eat very light at night.  Makes a much sense as anything, and doesn't sound dangerous or totally depriving.

The Corset Diet

Which is exactly what you think.  You wear a corset so restrictive, you can't eat.  Works every time.

The Twinkie Diet

This is similar to the Subway Sandwich diet Jared used, only you restrict your diet to only Twinkies.  The theory being that Twinkies are only 150 calories each, so you could eat 10 in a day and still only consume 1500 calories.  And who could possibly eat 10 Twinkies in a day, so then you starve...and voila!  You lose weight.

The Cotton Ball Diet

In this diet you eat cotton balls before every meal so that you fill up on cotton balls, and not food.  Um....that doesn't sound dangerous at all.

And then I got this little gem in my inbox this week...

So they are rings, you wear on your toes, to stimulate your metabolism.  I'm assuming this has something to do with pressure points, but really, if it were that easy, they'd slip those puppies on us at birth.

If our planet is wiped out and a thousand years in the future alien anthropologists are sent here to learn about us....well...wow.  just wow.

And now I really do need a cupcake.

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