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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Welcome 2014

Whew.  We made it.  I don't know about the rest of you, but 2013 did its best to take me down. Remember when we were all happy we'd survived 2012 and the End OF The World? Yeah, well, I think that doomsday stuff may have stuck around a little longer than absolutely necessary.

 Luckily, I have sturdy Kansas farming stock in my genes and a low center of gravity, not to mention I have a slightly greater than average streak of the ornery in me.  So I survived, as, I surmise, did you.  We always do seem to, don't we?

Lots of people go around NOT making new year's resolutions this time of year, but I say BAH HUMBUG to that.  I like new year's resolutions.  I like a fresh start and a new year is a grand time to take stock and decide what you want to make better.

It doesn't matter a jot that most resolutions don't quite get there, because some of them do.  I know I'm a far cry from an optimist, but if everyone just made one small improvement to their lives every year...well...it means we're getting better, right?  I like thinking I might be a better person at the end of the year and not just a year closer to death.

So...what did I resolute last year?

I usually try to learn something new.  Last year I started taking piano lessons.  Yup, not content to force The Citizens into something I wish I'd done as a child, I took it up.  And truth be told, I'm not near as bad as I could be.

I was going to drop a few pounds, and I did.  13.  (HUh...maybe that right there is the source of my troubles...)

And there was a third that I do not remember.  I wrote it down somewhere...
AHHH!  I remember.  I really wanted to pay off my student loans!  And I did.  Just under the wire too.

This year?

  1. I am going to continue my learning in the same area.  Unlike other years where I could learn something in a year (like knitting), this one may require more than one.  I may never be a wonderful piano player, but there is something rather soothing to sitting down and producing music. Plus, I think it helps my brain, and since I am sure I will live forever, but am slipping into dementia now, this is good.
  2. A few more pounds.  The last several years have included more cupcakes than are good for me, but hey, we all seek therapy in our own ways...so be it.  The holidays set me back a few paces, but I think I'm ready.  And I have a plan.  One should always have a plan when heading into battle.
  3. And lastly (you really shouldn't get carried away with goals and resolutions..otherwise they become a burden and you give up and just eat ALL THE CUPCAKES) I would like to be more present.  So much everyday is taken up just getting from one place to another and checking stuff off the list (worthy enough to be sure) but being able to appreciate moments and be more at peace with oneself...seems...well...better.  I deserve to be happy, and yet, there is no one who can do that for me.  I'm not entirely sure how to go about this one, so I did what I always do and got a book.  I'll let you know how it goes.
What about you?  Are you a resoluter?

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