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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1978-1991 A pictoral History

So this weekend I had a bit of cleaning and organizing to do.  Another bee in my bonnet, so to speak, and it involved all my "memories" and photo albums and stuff.  I was giggling to myself so much, I decided to share the love and put a few of those hard copy memories on the interwebs for all to enjoy and to be forever and ever and ever.

One Face Book friend commented something to the effect that I if was willing to put that out there then I might be difficult to blackmail.  True words.  Also, I am pretty confident that although that High School girl was a mad energy ball, she was probably a lot of fun, and turned into a pretty OK adult.  With slightly less energy...but hey, whatever.

The pictures, in turn, prompted gaiety and chuckles all around Face Book, which I think we can all use.  The 80's were a fantastically awesome time to be a teenager in southern Utah...and it is well documented.  I wore a lot of acid denim, had long permed hair with serious bangs, drove a 1976 blue dodge dart (which we painted hippy flowers all over...I need to find a picture of THAT) with tie-dyed seat covers....it was our ride to destiny.

If you didn't already see these, enjoy.  If you DID and were a part of the action, I wanna see some of your memories.  BECAUSE WE ROCKED THAT WORLD.  We rocked it hard.

This is a little gem that I didn't post onto Facebook...so much sass.

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  1. LOOOOVE. Where was that sassy pic taken? Is that the LA theatre trip?