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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Book Report: The Secret History

The Secret History
by Donna Tartt

I recently heard a book review of a new book, The Goldfinch, by Ms. Tartt on NPR and tried to get it from the library, but it wasn't available right away.  The review had mentioned a previous book of acclaim, so I decided to get that one instead.

The Secret History came out in 2004 and revolves around Richard, a poor California kid who flees his shabby life to go to school at an expensive Eastern liberal arts college in Vermont.  He is immediately fascinated by a small group of unapproachable elite students studying Greek, something Richard studied at his community college back in CA.  He finds himself admitted to this group of five  and unexpectedly into their private "research" of ancient ritual.

It should be noted, that the book starts with a death.  Richard then recounts the strange path that took this group there.  The story is fascinating, particularly for the haunting way everyone in the group gets to and then justifies murdering one of their own.

Not quite a mystery, since you know what happened, and even who did it from the very beginning, but discovering how they got there is fascinating.

A bit long for a weekend read; may not be the best companion just before bed.

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