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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Book Report: Peter and The Starcatchers

Peter and The Starcatchers (#1)
Peter and The Shadow Thieves (#2)
Peter and The Secret of Rundoon (#3)
Peter and The Sword of Mercy (#4)

by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

We love these books.  To be fair, we haven't read any of them.  But over the past two years, we've got one of these on tape (disc really) every time we hit the road.  They are read by Jim Dale (of Harry Potter book-on-tape fame) and are wonderful.  Wonderful in their own right, but Jim Dale is a fantastic story teller, so doubly so for him.  We actually have one of those DVD thingies in our car, and my kids often prefer stories like this over movies.  Truth.

This is the story of Peter Pan.  And is a delightfully woven tale about where he came from and how he got to be who is he is.  Why he can fly, why Captain hook hates him...in fact all the characters and how they came to be.   It is hard to say more without giving it away, but each of the books build on one another, revealing more details about the characters you already know.

Last year, a play hit Off-Broadway in New York and is out now to theater companies.  I think the Utah Shakespeare festival had it on the season this year.  It is also delightful, so if a production pops up near you, take your kids.

The 5th book, The Bridge to Neverland, came out this year, but our library is having a hard time getting the book-on-tape version...I may have to order it myself.

I think this series would be appropriate for kids 5ish and up to listen to, and 7-8 on up for reading-on occasion, we get the tape and the book and Anna reads along.  As I said, we LOVE it.  Even the tween.

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