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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Book Report: Gilead

Guys...I am so far behind on book reports.  Forgive me.  I'm sure you've been waiting, unable to choose a book to read without my input.  Well, I feel that I MUST get reports in before the year's end, so I'll try to get y'all caught up.

by Marilynne Robinson

If ever there was a book that I could describe as gentle, this would be it.  Ms. Robinson has a gift with the words.  Every night that I picked up this book, I was put into a calmness of mind that is both rare for books and for me personally.  That isn't to say it was boring, because I felt completely engaged with the characters.  Well, mainly one character.

The book is set in Gilead, Iowa and is told from the perspective of an aging Congregationalist minister.  It is a journal, one he is writing to his very young son, aware that he may not live to see him grow up.  It is full of stories-stories of family and generations and lessons learned along the way. He tells of his father and grandfather; of their passions and missteps.  Both were ministers during times of war and upheaval.

Though it is set in Iowa, I was reminded of my own grandfather in Kansas (based on dates given, I'm assuming this is set sometime in the 50's?  Maybe early 60's...when my own mother would have been a child.)  There is something rather nostalgic about the Midwest to a western gal, although every time I picture it there is wind, and I'm not a great lover of wind.

There is no real plot, and the lives lived are ordinary, but the writing is poetic and beautiful.  And while there is much talk of religion within the book, it is not dogmatic and seems to transcend religion straight to the spiritual.

It really is a lovely book.  From what I gather, it took 24 years for Ms. Robinson to go from her first novel Housekeeping to this one...I'm going to add that one to my Goodreads list.

Oh, and also it won the Pulitzer Prize.

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