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Monday, December 30, 2013

Book Report: The Angel Experiment: Maximum Ride #1 & 2

The Angel Experiment: Maximum Ride #1
School's Out Forever: #2
By James Patterson

Yes, you saw that right, it is the James Patterson, of the best selling book fame....this is a YA  book, and my 12 year old was super excited about these books and insisted I read them.  So I did.

I think there are lots of them...I made it through book #2, but went no further.

The story is basically about a group of kids, Max being their leader and the eyes the story is told through.  They have been stolen from their families and genetically experimented on so that they have wings and/or special gifts.  There is another group that is basically their nemesis that are also experimental people and are wolves of sorts who chase them everywhere trying to kill them.

Apparently Max is supposed to save the world, and I'm assuming the series plays this out.

I typically like a lot of YA literature.  But man...I'll leave this set to 12 year old boys.  I'm not really all that hard to please, but these books feel like they were slammed out in a weekend and underestimate the ability of YA's to be able to understand complex characters and plot points.  But then, maybe this hits a very specific demographic...and who am I to knock a book that will get a tween boy to read?

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