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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bonnets and Bees

Utah-well, rather the Entire Western United States was hit by a big snowstorm this weekend (watch out Midwest & East Coast--its a comin' your way).  We got A LOT of snow.

I knew it was coming, and since we really didn't have anything on the docket for this weekend, I decided to hunker down...and then I realized I would have a WHOLE DAY where nothing had been scheduled.  So, I did what any sane person in the middle of Christmas projects and knee deep in a list of things that needed to be cleaned would do.  I decided to paint.  And once I got that bee in my bonnet, there was no letting go.

Isn't that what you would do???

My bedroom/bathroom has been bugging me every since I moved into this house six years ago...but has never been a priority.  Then when I had the whole bathroom debacle in September and had to redo it, the bedroom has really been standing out.  It was this sad beige color...but it had real strong pink undertones.  Most of the house was painted in this color, but the basement and my room still persists.

So I did.

I shoulda got a before picture.  But I carried the yellow/gray theme over from the bathroom and rearranged stuff and a whole new bed look.

I'm very happy.  My house is not clean, so you cannot come over and look at it, but I'm snuggled down deep in all those pillows reading a book.

**I thought I'd posted about the bathroom...but maybe I didn't.  Here is a picture of that project too.  However, that one was thrust upon me by fate and a water leak.

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