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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

BEST FHE of 2013

Do you do family time?  In Mormon circles it is often referred to as FHE (Family Home Evening) and traditionally consists of things like a song and a prayer and some sort of lesson-often religion based.  We don't really do it that way.  I love our family time together, but as is my way, is often on-the-go, or game nights or forcing my kids to watch old musicals with me.

Today was a lesson on Choices.

So we went and ate lunch at the Prison.

Yeah, you heard me.

There is a little trailer diner attached to the prison, where, I'm assuming, extremely low risk female inmates cook your food.  More on the food in another post--The Citizens are wanting to become food critics, so we'll start the new year off with that one later...

Anyway, we ate our lunch; the place was full of stocky Prison Correctional Officers; it was good.
And then we took a good long look at the gates just 30 feet or so from our parked car.  Chain link.  Covered in that circular barb-wire that automatically makes you think of prison.  Tall security tower in the distance.  Large guards packing heat and probably a lot of pepper spray.  What I wouldn't have given to have a German Shepherd drag an officer by right then (in my mind this is what happened, no need to get into the truth).

"So...." I ask, "how do you think people end up here?"

Anna : You kill people!

Wm: Um...blank look.

Ensue teaching moment where we discuss how most of these people didn't start out as "bad" people and probably did not plan on a life behind bars.  Most of them probably had people at home who cared about them deeply.  But they made bad choices.  And they didn't start out saying "I'm going to make a bad choice today!"  It starts years earlier with little things and little lies and little crimes or more often than not, being around people who do those things.  And that started them on a path that ended up here.

And then, as most of our discussions do, we talked about the value of education and how good choices put us on a different path.  But the point being, you have to choose a path that takes you in the direction you want to go.  And oddly enough, I am not going to choose that path for them.

Now I'm not proud of a lot of things, but I love The Citizens deeply, and I'm pretty proud of them.  And if either (or both) of them grow up to be good people and contribute to society in any shape or form, I'm going to take credit.  Let it be known.  And then, when they are being interviewed about their success and they point to this moment, when their mom took them to the prison for lunch and then lectured discussed choices with them, and how that was a pivotal moment in their childhood, I'm going to startle awake in my easy chair at the old folks home and then nod solemnly in agreement.  Because it made a difference.

And that, folks, is how you do family time.

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