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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Though We Adore Them Individually.....


Although I love Halloween, that is how I end up feeling every time.  I put my energy in Anna's costume this year, since I felt like she got cheated last year, and if I do say so myself, I done did good.

We decided to go for strong female role models this year.  It is important to me that my daughter grow up strong and independent and self-sufficient.  While I have nothing against Disney Princesses, let's face it, they aren't the best role models for a modern day girl.  And their dresses really aren't that great anyway (which may be of equal import).

So I tried talking her into a Suffragette, showing her pictures and explaining that pretty much every good thing like education, and being able to drive a car, and planning your family, and having a career and owning property, and not being property--we owed to these ladies.  They were brave and courageous beyond anything we understand.


No, thank you.

So I did it myself.

But for the missus, we were able to come to an agreement on Amelia Earhart, who is also a strong female figure and who also comes with no frills.  In fact, no lace, makeup, hair, glitter, or wings.  But boots, a scarf, a coat and a hat, which considering our weather lately, seems an appropriate choice.

I was able to purchase most of it, but made the jodhpurs.  OH MY GOODNESS does she look freakin fantastic in those jodhpurs??  Yes, she does.  I don't need your approval because I know it to be true.

She really wanted Huck to sport an AIRPLANE.  It didn't happen, but I was able to rig up a bit of
co-pilot's costume and he was (for nearly three minutes) The Red Baron.  He's been sick, so we didn't take him trick-or-treating.

Citizen #1 was too cool for costumes this year....well, at least he was until 3:15 October 30.  I quit taking costume orders in September, so he was on his own.  Luckily, he is a creative kid and we have the resources.  He went as the Mad Hatter.

So, now, I believe the holiday season is officially underway and I need to start thinking seriously about Christmas.  Whew.  After my nap.

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