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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Electro Swing

Swing.  That's a funny word.

Anyway....Maybe it is the Great Gatsby influence, maybe I went through a swing revival phase back in the 90's, but maybe I really like this new phase called "electro-swing." (FULL disclosure: I LOVED Great Gatsby...)

Apparently a European dance club thing...I like it.

Here is a Fresh Air (NPR) show all about it that aired just yesterday.  It is a good intro, I think.

And you can listen to several playlists on Spotify.

I also found this playlist which looks pretty good.

The first song I heard, was probably this one:

But I'd kinda like more...

Some of it is just a little too electro for me, but this is music that kinda goes my speed (I only have one speed, you know...)


Do you listen to this?  Do you like it?  Can you recommend more??  Would you like to put together a play list for me?

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