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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zion National Park

Anna took this money shot for her Reflection entry.
Immediately after surviving tech for The Opera, The Citizens had Fall Break.  We didn't get in our annual camping trip this summer, so we set off for Zion.  I've actually booked this same trip every fall break for the last three years.  You have to do it six months in advance if you want to get a camping space...but one year a show got in the way, one year everyone got sick.

THIS year, of course, The government got involved in trying to keep us from a National Park (don't try to tell me this wasn't a conspiracy...) but luckily all sorts of small business owners from Southern Utah threw a fiscal fit and the governor wired money to D.C. to get it back open.  (This is a true story.  Utah had to actually wire money to the federal government...no trust there.)

The hike to the Narrows
So the park opened, the show didn't collapse and we took off Thursday.  I only forgot one sleeping back and the cooking utensils, which really doesn't seem too bad considering I had been in tech the night before.  Luckily my sister lives a quick 30 minutes down the road so I went and got the needed supplies from her.

We allowed an extra guest on this trip, which in retrospect was probably not a good idea, and will probably not happen again (unless it is the Pugmire-Hinmon clan.  We like camping with them).

Did I mention I gave birth to a mountain goat?

It was colder than usual this year, so we were all pretty snug in our tent and sleeping bags by about 9:00 every night.  Seriously.  When was the last time you went to bed at 9pm?

Zion is so pretty.  I grew up down there, but it had been a few years since I'd been there with The Citizens, and we'd never camped.

Lower Emerald Pool

Zion is a great park for kids, older folks or some of us middlers who aren't as fit as we should be.  There are LOTS of pretty tame, but beautiful hikes like Weeping Rock, Emerald Pools and the hike to the Narrows.

Slightly more oomph gets you to the upper emerald pool, Into the Narrows (not recommended for this time of year brrrrr....) or Canyon Overlook.

Mountain Goats!  Actual ones!
 For the Adventurous go for Angel's Landing.

Zion has this awesome tunnel built right into the rock.  Started in 1927 it stretches over a mile and there are windows carved into one side so you can see through to the arch.  I am constantly amazed when we go to these National Parks the engineering feats you see there.  I love that tunnel.

Canyon Overlook.  My chosen final resting place.
And yes, Wm was hiking in his pajamas.

My favorite hike is the one just on the other side of the tunnel-Canyon Overlook.  This is where I want my ashes sprinkled.

Anna is still young enough that she was excited to do the Jr. Ranger program; I guess that ship has sailed in the brave new world of coolness with the Other Citizen.

Grafton Cemetery

We took a side detour one day over to Grafton (maybe a 20 minute drive outside the park), which as I remembered it from when I was a kid, was a run down ghost town.  It is still pretty cool, but do-gooders have been there and done all sorts of refurbishing of building and clearly took a few of the really dangerous ones down.

If you'd like more info about the park, go here.  If you'd like to come and do a grand tour of some great National Parks in the Southwest, let me know.  I'll set you up.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Electro Swing

Swing.  That's a funny word.

Anyway....Maybe it is the Great Gatsby influence, maybe I went through a swing revival phase back in the 90's, but maybe I really like this new phase called "electro-swing." (FULL disclosure: I LOVED Great Gatsby...)

Apparently a European dance club thing...I like it.

Here is a Fresh Air (NPR) show all about it that aired just yesterday.  It is a good intro, I think.

And you can listen to several playlists on Spotify.

I also found this playlist which looks pretty good.

The first song I heard, was probably this one:

But I'd kinda like more...

Some of it is just a little too electro for me, but this is music that kinda goes my speed (I only have one speed, you know...)


Do you listen to this?  Do you like it?  Can you recommend more??  Would you like to put together a play list for me?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Bonny Baby Boy

Prince George Louis Alexander, Britain's future monarch was Christened today.

Look at that lovely lacy gown!  He looks to be growing nice and plump.

I love baby Christening/Blessing gowns.   I'd rather make one of those any day over a wedding dress (boring...).

Here's pictures of The Citizen's in their Blessing Day attire.

I don't have a good digital pic of this...it was, you know
before things got all techie.
so cute.  little monster.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Whatcha Up To La?

This is NOT one of the costumes, but
is awesome.  And a bat.
More Opera!  Actually, I'm done with the Opera.  But it opens tomorrow and runs through the weekend.

If you like opera, you should go see this.

Die Fledermaus is "The Flying Mouse" (BAT) and there is supposed to be a joke in there somewhere about a bat and a guy makes an appearance as a bat, but you shouldn't feel bad if you don't get it, cause I didn't.

If you would like to be introduced to opera, this one won't make sense, but is Strauss and is very pretty and not too dreadfully long.  They sing in German, but there are subtitles so you'll know what's going on and they speak in English.  Even my kids sat through most of a rehearsal until they remembered the candy counter over in the student center.

I don't have any good pictures yet...but this one is my fav. gown.
Blue silk.  It makes a lovely swishy sound...

If you like costumes, you should go see this, because I know the costume designer intimately, and she thinks there are a couple of really pretty gems flouncing about the stage.

If you would like info on tickets, go here.

And now, we will rest.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Conversations with a boy: British Boys Have All the Fun.

Boy:  Mom, I hate my art class

Me: That's too bad.  I can check, but I'm pretty sure you can't do anything about it until the term ends.

One week later...

Boy: So my friend is looking for guys to join the choir.  I guess they don't have enough boys.

Me:  A friend?

Boy: Yeah.  The choir teacher can switch my classes.

Me:  OK.  Who is your friend?

Boy:  um...

One week later....

Me: So how was choir?

Boy: Fine.  They had auditions for the concert.

Me: Did you audition?

Boy: Yeah, but I'm not going to get one of the singing parts.  I'm pretty sure it will be a speaking part-like the narrator.

Me: huh.

Boy:  Yeah, its because of the accent.

Me: You auditioned with an accent?

Boy:  Oh yeah.  The British one.  The girls LOVE it.

Me: Of course you did.  And of course they do...

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Final Countdow

So remember back a couple of weeks ago when I asked you all to come to my blog for a birthday wish?
Well you did!  Y'all are the bestest.
So here's the final countdown:

Last month there were 1,072 hits to my blog for an all time hit count of 10,189 surpassing my request by 189 hits.  I may not be up there with the Nie Nie Dialogues, but hey, I'll take it.

I did not get anymore of you to admit to following this blog, but that's ok (although there's still time...).

I had a great day.  All my costume fittings showed up so I didn't have to have fits at work and yell at performers and make them cry.

I didn't have any road rage.

I ate cake.  Multiple times.  All day.

I had a fun dinner out with the Citizens which I did not cook nor clean up after.

My bestie brought me more late night treats.

And also, have you started enjoying your birthday more since facebook starting reminding everyone that it is your birthday?  I know I have.  I don't care if none of those people would have remembered on their own.  It is great.  I love it.

Happy Birthday to Me.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Whatcha Up to La?

The Opera Edition

So I've been scrambling like mad to get Die Fledermaus ready to go on stage next week.  They do not cast most of the roles until school starts, which this year was after Labor Day...but it opens the weekend of Oct. 17.  That is a quick turn around.

It is also triple cast.  Yes, you heard me.  As in THREE cast members for every lead part.

I'll bet she got into the priesthood session...

But, as far as operas go, this one is pretty fun and is by Strauss, so maybe not as hard to digest for non-opera lovers as some of the others.

I'm also getting to design some pretty gowns.  I'm in fittings for those later this week, so I'll have to post pics later, but we had photo call this week, so I can at least give you a peek.

If you'd like to go, info on that here.

And remember: The maids have all the fun.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Yeah.  Ommagosh.  I just checked and I'm at 9,998 hits.  I think all my government worker friends are bored, cause I haven't even posted like I said I would.

WHO will be #10,000?

I feel like there should be a prize.