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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Where Are The SHEEP PIGS??

The Citizens and I watched Babe a couple of weeks ago...and then I noticed that The Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Classic was Labor Day weekend.  I am going to be in Tech Rehearsal all day tomorrow (Labor Day) so I promised a fun thing for Saturday.  So off to see the sheep being herded by the dogs we went.

The Heber Valley really is lovely.  The competition is in Midway and apparently Swiss Days were in full swing too,  so for a teeny place that probably only has a population of 4,000 people, it was pretty packed.

We rolled in just in time to see June from Canada compete.  Fascinating.  The course is quite large and the dogs are very very fast.  They have to herd 5 of them down a hill, through a set of gates to the center of the ring, go around a pole, back up another hill through gates across to yet another set of gates-back to the ring where they have to split the sheep into two groups and then into a pen.  They have twelve minutes and they have all these whistles to tell the dogs what to do.

Most of the dogs had trouble at the very end, getting the sheep into the pen.  A couple got disqualified for biting the sheep (to be fair, they only did this when the sheep were getting pretty annoying, so I didn't really blame them). It was pretty hot, so after they finished they got to jump in a big tub of water.

We ate fair food and at one point Wm disappeared and reappeared ten minutes later wearing a cowboy hat.  The hat came with free swagger.  It was good fun all around.

It is still going Monday if you care to trek on over and see the finals.

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