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I'm a costume designer, makeup artist, teacher, mom, sewer, knitter, baker, want-to-learn-how-to-do-it-all, blogging, Costumed Beagle enthusiast. I am not always pleasant, although through intensive cupcake therapy I have learned not to throw knives at people anymore.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Birthday Wish

OK.  So I had this idea.  So.  You all know I listen to a LOT of public radio.  And they just started their "fun"d drive.


I was looking around at the stats stuff on this blog, and although I don't have all that many actual publicly admitted followers, I think I probably have a pretty steady following of people who come here (probably to make fun).  So steady that last month I hit my all time high of 728 hits for the month.  And I didn't even blog that much.  And then I noticed today that I've had 9, 361 hits for all time (I still blame the Russians).  AND my  birthday is in 20 days.

So I here's the thought.  WHAT IF you all gave me 639 more hits for my birthday? That would only be an average of 32 hits per day.  And what if I promised to put something up everyday??  WHAT IF??  The possibilities here are staggeringly boring and dull.  However, I do like to be indulged.

BUT WAIT.  It gets better.

And WHAT IF some of those people that come here (you, right there) ALSO became my follower?  For REALS.  If I'm at 17 followers now, probably 20 is a realistic goal.  Goals are important.  That's how do all that fundraising stuff for KUER.  Oh man, WHAT IF I could get Doug Fabrizio, no, NO....WHAT IF I could get IRA GLASS to do a spot for me on why you should come to my blog for two weeks and become my follower...OH man.  Some dreams are just too big.

Don't mock me.  I'm not a spring chicken anymore and birthdays come with less and less fun stuff.
But I also like cake, if you'd rather do that.

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