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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Whatcha Up To La: Annie Get Your Gun

Hair.  That's what I'm up to.  I've spent nearly every hour of the past two weeks trying to get Annie Get Your Gun up at Sundance ready.  And it is.  And it looks good.  It was a big hair show.  Typically the shows I've done for Sundance have 1-4 wigs in them.  This show has 15.  Every woman wears a wig (or two) and several of the men do too...plus facial hair.

I've done most of the work at home, and have spent a fair amount of time watching 7 seasons of Monarch of Glen while brushing, curling and styling all these wigs.  The heads holding the wigs were everywhere.  Kinda freaked my kids out...hehehee.

In fact, I was even having hair dreams.  I dreamed that I was murdered (not by the hair) but while collecting forensic evidence in my house, they couldn't figure out why there were so many different synthetic hair samples and how it tied into my murder.  Seriously.  That's when you've got too much hair on the brain.

I'm proud of my work.  Most of the wigs weren't all that nice, which makes my job all the harder.

The show is also pretty darn good.  PLUS, it is up in the mountains with the cool, clean mountain air.  After the sun tips below the mountain the temperatures drop until you have to put on a sweatshirt to finish the show.  I LOVE this.  It is so hot down in the valley, so that cool night air is a balm to the soul, I tell you, plus throw in lively musical theatre and you have a good night all around.

I like the design of this show, and I like the script & music to this show.  It runs a bit late, and might be a titch more expensive for a date night, but I think worth it.  Splurge and have dinner up at Sundance too.

For more info go here.  It runs through August 17th.  Get yourself into the mountains!  Go!  Go NOW!

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