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Friday, May 31, 2013

Look What I Can Do!

Remember last year, when I bravely fixed my own toilet?  Yes, well...yesterday I had a similar experience and of course, am very very proud.

I fixed the lawn mower.

I think this falls into an exceptional category of home fix-its along with other motorized things like cars and.... other motorized things.  It deserves oohing and aahing.

I drive a little tiny cord-free electric mower.  Itty bitty thing.  I love it.  But the battery needed replacing....oh...last fall.  but after my adventures in toilet-land I thought I'd better not get too cocky so I delayed the fixing.  Sadly, my useless crop has started to grow again, and my mower being so tiny, I best get out there and fix it or it won't make it through.

So I got busy getting the cover off the mower.  No easy task.  5 years of rust had sealed those bolt-screwy things down.  I ended up stripping one, but did not let that deter my task.  No.  I embarked on a trip to the hardware store and bought a little tool to fix it...and it worked!  On two of the bolts.  I never could get out the other two.  I had to take it in to have those &**&$#s taken out. Expletives may have been loosed.  But I regained my composure and regrouped.  However, those mower guys were going to charge me twice as much to replace the battery.  So no thank you, I'll do it myself-just remove that damn rusty screw thingies and sharpen the blade please.

So I got it home, put my vast expertise in Internet shopping to good use, and got what looked like replacement batteries ordered.

They came yesterday.  I was intimidated.  They weighed a ton.  And the WIRES!!  There were 6 wires.  A two greens, a black, red, white, blue .  But I armed myself with the appropriate tools got the new batteries in and just hoped I got the right wires back on in the right place.  It should be noted that I did this right after work and did it all while wearing a fashionable maxi dress.  This is important.

I plugged it in and hoped for the best.  Today the charging light was green so I took him out for a spin.  It mowed!  Triumph.

Can she fix it?  Yes she can.

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