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Thursday, April 25, 2013


I love how people keep coming up with more ways for me to waste time…as if I have extra time to waste.  I suspect you are probably in this category too.  We’ve got Face Book and Pinterest and the ability to check our email anytime-anyplace.
Here’s my latest time-suck love:  Houzz

If you’re the kind of person who loves to day dream about things you want to do to your home, this a great place for you.
You can browse, similar to Pinterest in general or by style.  Like clean sleek lines?  Choose Modern and it shows you pictures of homes specifically in that category.

Planning a kitchen remodel?  You can just look at kitchens. 
Like something you see in a kitchen and wonder where you could get it?  Double tap on the screen and if someone else has tagged that item, a green tag will show up that will tell you where you can get it for how much. !!!
Want to save a collection of pictures so that when (and if) you ever DO remodel that front entryway you can go back to your inspiration?  You can save pics in ideabooks (also like Pinterest—sort of like boards).

You can also search by metro area, so I guess if you are a hardcore Portlandier and want to look at cool houses in your area, you can.

Each picture also tells you the owner/construction company and/or designer responsible for the house—which I really like.  Instead of a random collection of images, ownership is acknowledged.

So.  If you’ve found yourself finally tapering off on Pinterest and you were just starting to get enough sleep at night….you’re welcome.  No one needs that much pesky rest.  My joy is now your joy.

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