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Monday, April 29, 2013

Conversations with a Boy: Watch Me

Brushing teeth is an excellent time to catch up on your reading...
You're supposed to raise children who are readers, right?  Well I did.  Whether purposefully or whether it is just in the genes, I don't know, but I've got them.  Anna, clearly was born with it...as soon as she could crawl she would go to her little shelf in her room and pull off every book and then look through the pages for ages.  I discovered that if I stuck a couple of books in her crib (after she fell asleep) on the weekends that it would buy me almost a full extra hour of sleep.

But even William, with the right book, easily gets lost.

Here is conversation we had this morning:

Me: William!  Are you getting ready for school?

I open door and he is still tucked deep in the comforter...reading.

Me: Get UP!  What are you doing?  Get dressed!

Wm: Ok.  I will.

5 Minutes Later I check again

Me: William!  Now.  Put the book down.  Get ready.  NOW.

Wm: I will...I will...just let me finish this chapter.

Me: NO.  NOW.  Dont' make me take it away.

Wm: You wouldn't.  I'm reading.

Me: I would.

Wm: But reading is a good thing.

Me: NOT when you are supposed to be doing other things.  Like get ready for school.  I WILL take it away.  I will take away all good things that distract you.

Wm: My bed is comfortable and warm and distracting.  Are you going to take IT away?

Me: Watch me.  I dont' think you want to play this game.  I'm very competitive and I usually win.

At which point he realizes I probably would dismantle his entire bed to make my point and finally gets up.


Leave it to children to make me take away their books as a disciplinary action.

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