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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Its Spring Time for La-La and Lala Land!

If you just sang the title of this post and know what musical I'm referencing then we can remain friends and there is probably a good reason we are friends.  If you missed it entirely then I reprimand you and chasten you and hence forth recommend that you use your free time to study up on important things like musicals and Mel Brooks.

OK.  But onto the actual post.  I think spring is here.  I am hesitant, because weather is a fickle Mistress, and never more so than in spring.  I do not doubt we will get a bit more snow, some rain and the worst of all weathers: wind.  But the snow has FINALLY melted in my yard, revealing said yard for the first time since before Christmas.  That is actually pretty a-typical for Utah weather.  We might get lots of snow, but it melts away.  But January was hard and cold and inversioned.  Bletch.  So long January!  February wasn't much better and March has just been trying to play catch-up.

But you might ask yourself: Why does La think it is spring?  What signals this event?

This.  This is what tells me spring is pretty much here.
Not icky big, threatening, baby eating snakes on planes.  Little itty-bitty garden snakes.  These guys are a year or two old, the babies are about the size of a pencil.  But I think they nest in the crack between my house and my front steps (that's where they scurry if you pester them) and the second it starts to get warm on a regular basis they come out on the front lawn to sun themselves.  These guys are still all sleepy and sluggish.  Wm thought they might be dead.  "Poke it with a stick!"  I volunteered...which is exactly what I"ll do to you too if you present yourself to me in a state of being which I cannot interpret.  So we did, and they lazily raised their little heads and glared at us.  So then we knew they were alive.  And it was spring.

Look what else I found under the snow!  Which also signals spring but flowers are not nearly as exciting as snakes.  Even if they won't eat your babies.

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