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Monday, March 25, 2013

Huck's Advice: A Dog in Uniform?

Continuing with Huck's job shadowing....

Dear Readers!  I woke up this morning knowing exactly what kind of costume...um, I mean JOB I wanted for today.  Something with a purpose!  Something dangerous!  Something with a UNIFORM.

I asked my person if I could be a fire-fighter.  She asked if I could climb ladders or slide down poles.  What does that have to do with it, I demanded.  It just does, she said. Apparently, those are deal breakers.

Fine.  How about a Police Officer?  That has danger and intrigue.  Sure, she said. You could do that. They have K-9 units, but you know people shoot actual guns at you.  Woah, I said.  I didn't mean that dangerous.  Like, going out on a manhunt with out sunscreen dangerous.

So we went down the list:
Navy--I'm prone to stomach ailments.  And I'm a wee bit gaseous, which people don't seem to appreciate in enclosed spaces.
Army--that sickly green they wear isn't my color.
UPS guy--no hat.  Gots to have a hat.

What about airplane pilot, she asks?

Tell me more about this airplane pilot, I say.  Is there a hat?

Yes, she says.  And you don't have to have a lot of experience to fly a commercial airplane, apparently drunk people do it all the time.

Sign me up, I say.  And give me the hat.  I shall wear it jauntily.

*To submit a question, query, job suggestion or complaint to Huck, please email him at hucksadvice@gmail.com

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