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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Book Review: The World of Downtown Abbey

The World of Downtown Abbey
Jessica Fellows

If you are a Downtown Abbey fan (and who isn't, really?) and you like a bit of a frivolous read now and again, this is a good choice, although I probably wouldn't buy it.  Get it from the library.  I got it as a gift for Christmas.  Santa knows what a girl likes.
The book is divided into sections:

  • Family Life
  • Society
  • Change
  • Life in Service
  • Style
  • House & Estate
  • Romance
  • War
  • Behind the Scenes

It is sort of a mini history lesson-but don't worry it was clearly meant for people who have found they like this sort of thing, but really only want the most interesting stuff....which is probably my only problem with the book.  I actually like history, so I was left wanting more.  But that isn't the purpose of the book.

It is chalk full of pictures from the show and historical references that they used.  Beautiful pictures. They also talk a lot about they transform this history into a fictional show.  How they film it, where they make short-cuts to streamline the stories and fill out the characters.  They even have a bit on the makeup they use and how the costume designer puts all the wardrobes together (best part, perhaps?).

Again, I wouldn't go here for an actual history lesson, but because it is a period show, it cannot helped but be immersed in the history.  But that isn't the purpose of the book, to teach history, it is to show you more of that world, and we do seem to like it, don't we?

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