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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Book Review: Who Done It?

Who Done It?
Jon Scieszka

You know those inside jokes that you and your best friend share and even just bringing it up will send you both into fits of giggles while everyone else around looks on, somewhat awkwardly until you pull yourselves back together?  And you know that they have no idea what in the world you were talking about, but you don't care, because you are having so much fun in that moment?

This is the book version of that.  So Mr. Scieszka, who is a favorite author of ours (Stinky Cheese Man with fav. illustrator Lane Smith is a classic),  was named the National Ambassador for Young People's Literature by the Librarian of Congress back in 2008.  He is also an active participant in 826nyc a literary non-profit in NY that helps kids write, edit and publish their stories.

So one day, (this is all in my head...indulge me) he is sitting around trying to figure out how to raise some funds for this excellent program and he thinks "I know lots of YA authors...how can I put them to work?"  And he thinks having each of them write a 2 page essay would do the trick AND be lots of fun.  So he sets up the following scenario:

Herman Mildew, the worst editor in the world, lover of cheese and pickles, has invited all his authors to a big party in an abandoned pickles factory and one of them has murdered him.  All are being questioned


Seriously.  Pretty much every east coast (and a few country danglers) YA author you can think of  wrote an alibi of why they didn't kill Mildew.  There must be 50 of them.  All trying to outdo one another and come up with a more creative essay--all using author/editor relationship lingo.

The first dozen or so were kind of fun....but then they just kept going.  Only, I couldn't stop reading because, you know, there might be a really really good one in there!

But you could tell, they had a really fun time writing this, and it probably did raise them a bit of cash to keep their program afloat, but is NOT for kids.  And now I can't remember why I think that, but remember thinking at some point "Oh.  Do not give this to William."

I think I would have been really unhappy had I bought the book (except for the good cause part), but I didn't, my library did and I think I was the first person to read it and I love it when that happens.

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