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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

And THAT, Kids, Is Why We Get An Education

I might love Arrested Development a little too much...you haven't seen it?  Don't care?  Fine, but it is on Netflix and you should totally watch all three seasons.  But anyway...it has these flashbacks to when the Father on the show gives his kids life lessons in rather elaborate ways using a one-armed man to basically scare the willies out of the kids so that they'll "leave a note" or "not run with scissors."  And I have adapted this for my own use in a less intensive way...sort of.

It is tax season, right?  The season wherein all the little tax agencies that you never knew existed come out of the woodwork (where are these people the other 8 months of year?  Hawaii?) and hire all the homeless to wear lady liberty costumes and dance in front of their offices.  You know what I'm talking about-because nothing says "I am competent enough to figure out your crazy tax problems so you won't get audited by the IRS" like a homeless person, dressed as the Statue of Liberty, dancing on the street.

So...a few years back, we spotted one of these guys and being a mindful mother I switched lanes, because my kids are going to have enough therapy needs without one of those things leering in at them and William asks the question we all ask "Mom, what is that guy doing?"  To which I tell him about taxes and why we pay taxes...blah blah blah.  And then he asks "WHY is he doing that?" To which I reply something to the effect that there are only so many jobs available to people to don't have a proper education.  "Oh.  Like that guy at the dump?"  Yes.  Precisely. Because what does an education give you?  "Choices." (Sense a theme here?  Don't get all crazy on me I AM AN EDUCATOR...of course I think it is important.)

Now, each year when these poor things come out of their hiding places I say in my best George Bluth voice "And that kids, is why we get an education!" which only makes sense if you watch Arrested Development.  And now those guys are know as the And That's Why We Get an Education Guys.  Which lead to Anna asking the other day "Mom, why are there so many And That's Why We Get an Education Guys out?"  Which lead to another discussion on taxes. Blah, blah blah.

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  1. HA! I've ALWAYS wondered what these guys do the rest of the year. And what they do now that turbo tax does their job for them... I guess that there are folks who have much more complicated taxes than me, but I've been doing my own taxes for years - even before turbo tax.

    And just what kind of a person gets an education to work in taxes?!? I think I'd rather be the dude out front in the Libby suit...