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Friday, February 1, 2013

When Automated Marketing Goes Horribly Wrong

I don't know about you, but I've noticed a lot of Internet targeted marketing lately.  Last week I was looking for a new trash can for the kitchen (I know, super exciting...) and then all the trash cans I looked at from multiple web sites showed up in the side bar on Face Book.
Yesterday I was helping a student order wigs for a show and today, all day in yahoo and Face Book colonial wigs kept popping up.
I know that this has something to do with "cookies" and that I can clear them or something (*note to self: ask 8 year old how to do this) but today, I got an email that sort of made my day.  Last week I got a coupon for 100 free prints which I get periodically.  I usually use these to order prints for Activity Days or whatever. This time I ordered pics of my makeup classes for the bulletin boards and then filled it in with pictures of bruises and cuts and various other gross things to get to the 100. Today, from the same company, I got an email offering to take all those lovely pics and turn them into a photo album.

Here's what they sent me:

This is a picture of my grandfather post cancer surgery.  My sister sent me this knowing I would use it in my class.  When I clicked on the link it showed the whole book and the next picture  was after they had stitched it all up.  I use this picture to scare my students into using sunscreen.  I also showed it to my dermatologist who oohhhed and ahhhed over it.  The picture after it was my torn ankle ligaments and the one after that my sister's brain surgery.
Good times.  Such is the world I live in.

Good job automated photobook maker!  Apparently, not everyone uses their services to make memories.  Or at least not pleasant memories....


  1. I love it. But when I started reading the post, I was pretty sure it was going to end with "And then they reported me to Child Protective Services".

    1. I'm shocked on a regular basis that someone doesn't report me to Child Protective Services for some entirely innocent but awful sounding thing related to my profession....seriously.