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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Conversations with a boy: Valentines edition

Valentines day is in the air...and something is going on at my house.  Here is how it went down last night:

Me: Wm, this note was on the door for  you (hand him sealed envelope with William written in very neat cursive writing across the front...it is killing me but I ask NOTHING.)
Wm: tears it open, reads note and flees room
Anna: (not missing a beat) Who's it from?  Is it a party invitation?  What's it say?

A little later, I try to casually bring up the note...So, is someone having a party this weekend?
Wm: No, not exactly.
Me: not exactly?
Anna: enters and goes right to the point.  Who sent it?  What is it?
Wm: looks embarrassed.  I don't know.
Me: You don't know who left it?
Wm: No.
Me: Try try try not to look too interested....I really do want to give my kids enough space, but it is so hard.

Right before bed Wm comes into my room: Mom, where are my nice shirts?
Me: Nice shirts?
Wm: yeah the green or blue checked ones? Are they clean?
Me: Yes, they're clean.  Downstairs hanging in the laundry room.
Wm then goes down and gets one...I am baffled beyond baffled.  Just 3 weeks ago I had to beg to buy those two shirts for him because he "just didn't care about that stuff" AND not once in William's 11+ years had he EVER cared about what he wore to school or planned it out the night before.  EVER.  

Something is afoot.

**This morning he combed his hair ever so carefully...and asked me to hairspray it.  sigh....

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