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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Whatcha Up to La?

This is not an official Production photo.
I took this on my iphone, but for some
reason think it is super cool.
Whew.  You think its a new year and you're off to a good start and you've got that pesky caffeine problem in check and then you remember that you work in theatre and that nothing is supposed to be normal and that you have two weeks in a row with technical rehearsals in them.  And then you plug that Diet Dr. Pepper IV right back in your arm and get to work.

So here's what I've been doing for the last coupla weeks:

Crucible.  Playing at Utah Valley University.  Runs through next weekend.  Very decent show.  And I say this with full knowledge that a play by Arthur Miller about Salem witch trials/ McCarthyism can go horribly wrong.  It is also a visually "just darn good" show.  Which, as you know, I think important.  I did not design anything on this show, but I supervise students, which takes just about as much time and effort as doing those dishes yourself.  But then who learns anything?
Nothing says hot date like possessed pilgrims.
See for yourself.

BTW had an in-depth conversation with the Boy about McCarthyism and cold wars and how you could write a play about one thing and it have meaning another (something we don't get a lot of with musicals, bless them) ...he is getting too old.

Get more info here.

The Thing About Love at BYU.  Contemporary Dance Theatre (think modern dance) showcase performance.  This one was a bit rough through the technical process, costumes included, but I think is really quite enjoyable if you are into dance, and not really a bad way to spend the weekend if you are not quite so into dance.  The company director worked really hard to give us a new kind of show and several of the numbers are really really lovely.  I didn't so much as design this one as try to help them revamp some costumes to work for them, but the costumes had minds of their own and did not want to look nice, so took a bit of extra coaxing (read: expletives). Tickets and info here.

Don't want to go to one of my shows?  But feel the need to see live performance?

If you are into palettable high culture and don't want to get babysitter, try this one on.
Henry V at BYU.  Yeah, it's Shakespeare, but this one is specifically geared toward families and kids (so in theory, most of us should get it this time around.)  It will tour elementary schools including my kids' school this year (finally!) and so I will probably try to go see it with them.  But before that it plays in the Nelke at BYU for a week or two.  I feel like I should know more about this show...but the director has been a little involved to go to lunch with me for last few weeks.  We will forgive her. Info here.
P.S. I didn't work on this show.

And lastly, if you are looking for something to do next weekend, here is another show I had absolutely nothing to do with, but thought giving you several options to enlighten your dreary January life in the entertainment section seemed like a good idea.  Everyone loves choices.
Written by a friend and playing at the Echo in downtown Provo; I heard it's very good.
I couldn't find a picture for it, but did find this video.
Info here.

So now you know where I've been, and have plenty of things to do.
I don't wanna hear anyone say they are bored.

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