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Monday, January 14, 2013

UTA sucks

I know.  Not the most creative of titles.  But I'm beside myself with loathing right now.
If you don't live in Utah, UTA stands for the Utah Transit Authority.  And UTA recently expanded the FrontRunner train to connect Salt Lake City (where I live) and Utah County (where I work.)

I was pretty excited about this.  Because the nature of much of my work requires me to pack costumes hither and yon, I drive a mid sized SUV. It is full of costumes all the time (this is not an exaggeration, I have a semi-permanent clothes bar in the back.)  It works for my family.  It fits the citizens and anyone I need to carpool with, as well as my entire group of Activity Days girls.  When we go skiing we can fit all our equipment.  But the thing is not real great on gas.  In fact, because lately I've needed to head south 4-5 times a week, and with gas prices being what they are, my gas budget is out of control.  OUT OF CONTROL.

So the train appeals to me.  Can't do it everyday, but even if I could use it just a couple of times a week, I could potentially carve $150-$200 every month off my gasoline expenditures.  That's no small chunk of change.  That amount could purchase fairies to clean my house while I am gone which seems like a much more efficient way to spend that money.  Extra bonus is that since I work at UVU, I get a pass for the whole shebang for just $50 a year.  Yeah, you heard me.  $50.

Other pluses include: Internet on the train--I could check email and get that stuff out of the way instead of driving.  NO traffic problems, which since I have a wee bit of road rage seems like it should make me a more pleasant person.  Blizzard?  No biggie--the train does the work.
Also, the air in our little mountain enlcosed valley is terribly terribly bad.  And cars exactly like mine really make the problem worse, so yeah, I'd like to limit my contribution.

So I packed up and headed out on public transportation last week, eager to give it a try.  Well, more than a month into it, the train isn't running on time.  In fact, most mornings it is 10-25 minutes late. This morning it was 40.  Mind you, it was 2 degrees outside, so the potential for super frozen angry people was inevitable. I guess the train switches (the things that keep the trains from running into one another) froze up.  Because it is cold.  But here's the thing.  I knew it was going to be cold.  They said so on the news last night.  Do the train people not have access to the weather?  Did they not realize that Utah has a winter and therefore forgot to build that little thing into the plan??

In all, this morning it took me 2 hours to get to Provo.  A drive that takes me 45-50 minutes.  I was an hour late to work.  Luckily I wasn't teaching a class.

On Friday, catching the train home, my bus was 4 minutes late getting the the station, and I watched, in horror, as it pulled away from the platform without me ON TIME---because our trains only run once an hour.

At the end of each morning that I've taken the train my stomach is clenched so tight (I have a serious pathological problem with tardiness...it becomes a physical thing) and my jaw is clenched and my heart is racing...it is far from stressful.

I suppose the system works great for people who either do not have to be somewhere at a particular time (like the employed) or people who have two or three hours at the start and end of their day to get somewhere....but right now I see no benefit to taking the train.

Of course, I am currently typing this from the train, but it is perhaps my last trip for awhile.  Maybe they need more time to work out the bugs.  Maybe it will run smoother when it is warmer.
All I know is that there are efficient and timely transit systems all over the world, so given the pretty big tax dollars that is paying the salary of the CEO of UTA...he'd better figure it out.

Adios Front Runner....you are too stressful for me.

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