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Monday, January 7, 2013

It's All About The Clothes. It Aways Is.

*Disclaimer.  While not normally an overly expressive person grammatically (!!!!) I do reserve the right to do so when appropriate.  Like now.  You have been warned.

So did you watch it?  I had it on my calendar with an alarm lest I forget and end up doing really dumb stuff like putting my kids to bed or flossing.

If you don't know what I'm talking about yet, you should probably just go find another blog.  There's millions of them (although probably only 2 or 3 who are NOT expressly dedicated to either Les Mis or Downtown Abbey right now).

I'm going to dedicate myself to Downtown Abbey.  AND it isn't Down-town abbey (as in we're going down town to buy Sally a petticoat) it's more like downton. Sheesh.

Anywho, I have been eagerly waiting for this since last April and salivating every time I got a tease of it.  Because why?  Because there was going to be a big period wedding, that's why, and the bestest part last night was when we realized that next week we were going to get ANOTHER big period wedding.  Because although the house is grand and the actors a delight...I watch it for the clothes.

To be fair, I am a costume designer and history geek and do like a bit of fashion sensibility, so maybe you're watching it for entirely different reasons, but it was the first things that came out of everyone's mouth this morning at work...in a costume shop.

Of course, Lady Mary's clothes are always the most stunning and she has the most perfect figure for the period, but I love the detail that goes into presenting all their personalities, because that's what clothes are--an extension of who we are.  It shows what we like, and what we care about (or don't) and are a huge part of how we form judgements about each other (conscious or otherwise).

And the HAIR.  This is a fun period for hair.  ALL THOSE PINCURLS.

So who wore your favorite clothes?

Favorite moments: When Maggie Smith's character (LOVE HER) forced Branson the driver in to the morning coat and when he was complaining just said "Are you finished?" and then proceeded to have him fit.
AND THEN (see extra exclamatory post) when she tried to request a drink from Lord Grantham who had to come down to dinner in black tie and not white (OH NO!!!) and said "Oh!  I thought you were a waiter".
She gets the best lines.

I also LOVED the introduction of Shirley Maclaine as the American Mother-in-law.

Life can return to normal punctuation now.

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