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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Conversations with a Boy: The Oven

So I'm a work-outside-the-home-mom, like many of you, and I struggle with getting dinner on the table.  I really can't complain, because there are only the three of us and our needs are met pretty easily, but of course, I want to provide tasty, nutritious, low-fat, organic, sustainable, easy-to-clean-up, fast to make meals for The Citizens.
A typical week will have me make a pretty decent meal on Sundays, meal-sharing with a neighbor on Mondays, leftovers on Tuesdays and Thursdays or pasta which is like a cheater meal, another decent meal that I make on Wednesdays (I often work from home this day), Pizza ALWAYS on Fridays and everyone fends for themselves on Saturdays.  So really, that is only twice a week, so not much to complain about, but even still, it can be daunting.
I really like my crock-pot.
I also like to make things that I can freeze half of and then it is just magically ready a few weeks later.
Such was a lasagna I decided to serve up this week.  The problem with lasagna is that it takes forever to cook.  Especially if it is frozen.  So in order for it to be ready at a decent hour I needed it to go in the oven before I got home.
Hence the following conversation:

Me: Wm, I need you to put this lasagna (I dangle it in front of his face until he looks at it) in the oven about 4:15 this afternoon.

Wm:  The Oven?

Me: The Oven.  You can do it.  Push the bake button and then this auto set button.  Take the plastic lid off the dish and the plastic wrap and stick it in.

Wm: Wait.  What buttons?

Me: These two.  (I demonstrate).  It is also written down on this sticky note.

Wm: You want me to put the Lasagna in the oven?

Me:  Yes.  So it will be ready to eat when I get home.

Wm: What if I burn down the house?

Me:  You won't.

Wm: How long do I have to wait to put the Lasagna in after I push the buttons?

Me: You don't.  Just stick it in.  But AFTER you take off the lid and plastic.

Wm: Am I old enough to use appliances?

Me: Way old enough.  I'm embarrassed you don't know how to turn on the oven.

Wm: What if the house does catch on fire.

Me: It won't.  But evacuate and call 911.  But you won't need to.

Wm: How will I know it is done?

Me: You don't have to worry.  I'll get home and take it out.

Wm: What if I forget?

Me: Really?  After this conversations and this big green sticky note, you'll forget?

Wm:  I might.  I can't be trusted.

Me:  I really think you can handle this.

At this point, William still looks doubtful as to his ability to put the frozen lasagna in the oven, however, I am happy to report, he did it and it all turned out fine.

*Note to self: remember when you were going to teach The Citizen's to cook?  Yeah.


  1. This has been a silver lining to my crappy health. In 2010 I was immobile most of the year so Kate (8) learned to do a lot of cooking / food preparing. She'd bring me the cutting board and I'd cut whatever needed it, but then she would assemble and could put things in the crock pot or the oven.
    Of course, it's probably easier with girls who already want to do EVERYTHING their mom does. I don't know about those boy things.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! omg that is too funny. I love this kid.