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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Oddities and Such

So here's a good wrap of weirdness in November.  I'm not sure if there was extra stuff going on, or if it has just been too long since I did one of these posts.

To start us off right, I'd like to show you one of the best ornaments our consumerism can offer you.  I believe this may be called "Roman Holiday Santa"  Notice the short toga and sporty gladiator sandals...and you would not be mistaken if you thought that was the Colosseum this Godzilla sized Santa is lumbering out of.  You know you want this.

Although it is too late this year, my guess is that this little beauty was really popular and will come back for an encore next year, so you can get yours ordered in time.  Because what everyone's Thanksgiving needs is a turkey shaped ice cream cake.  I really want to meet the person who sold this idea to the CEO of Baskin Robbins.

I'm pretty into Words with Friends on my phone, as are many of my friends, but when I stumbled upon this at Target (there are several worthy commercials out there too) I had to wonder who was buying this?  DO THEY NOT KNOW THAT SCRABBLE EXISTS?  Word games are not a new invention.  Just smart phones.

This little dandy was parked just outside a gas station in Provo.
I think perhaps the owners are stretching themselves just a bit.  Or not.  Come to think of it, I've been in several homes where this would be an improvement.

I've spent a fair amount of time at Hobby Lobby lately...they have a good selection of feathers and hot glue and just happened to notice this on the bottom of a bag.
In case you can't see that it says
"Hobby Lobby invites you to explore, discuss and act upon the stories and social issues of our time. Experience it for yourself at www.egm.tv"
What?  It stands for Ethno-graphic media...am I missing the connection?  Baffled, I tell you.

This beauty came addressed to the Parents of Lara Beene.

 I have been invited to travel to Canada with other 5th & 6th graders as part of my educational experience.  I'm tempted to go.  I wonder how many other adults will be invited and take them up on this clearly well researched and prepped experience for children?

AND WHO would let their child do this??

I am not really sensitive about my age...but I've been receiving a disturbing number of invitations to join AARP since hitting 40.  Perhaps they have not adjusted their demographic age bracket since Medieval times?

And on that note, I'm also getting emails.  For the technologically sound senior in me.  For the record, I am hoping to gain my mobility.  If I qualify.

Remember when I bought Edna, our dishwasher awhile back?  Well, that really disinterested salesman has been really attentive and has sent me no less than 3 thank you notes.  I lost the best one which merely stated "Thank you for your purchase."  But here is another.  Because of this, I'll probably go back again and again.

I also recently purchase a new vacuum.  We are a bit hard on them.  Apparently dog hair, long human hair, tiny rubber bands, pins, thread, feathers, play-doh, glitter and scraps of leather are hard on vacuums.  These instructions came on the handle of perhaps the crappiest vacuum ever (I took it back...covered in dog hair and glitter...)
My favorite part is the bold type at the bottom.  Maybe in their consumer tests people left the tag hanging from the handle and they felt in necessary to be thorough lest people leave it there forever?
For some reason William and I found this to be ridiculously funny and giggled over it for the better part of an hour.

Whew.  I also have a rather lengthy list of strange emails I've gotten lately...but I think I'll save them for another day.
Onward to Monday!

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