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Monday, December 31, 2012

Book Review: More Lady Julia Grey

Dark Road To Darjeeling and The Dark Inquiry
by Deanna Raybourn

I've posted on the first three books in this series here.  This time I actually read the books in order (albeit accidentally...but they do make a bit more sense...).

By the #4 book Dark Road to Darjeeling, I guess the publishers decided to stick to a look with the book jacket.  I'm not sure its my favorite, quite possibly because the costumes are not good.  But that is clearly my own personal bias.  Oh yes, because also they look trashy.  I have a thing about looking trashy.  Maybe I'm extra sensitive since I was born in a trailer park and now I'm a high class blogger with several followers...maybe.

Anyway, this book starts on the tail end Lady Julia's honeymoon and takes her to India with her sister who is trying to recover her lady lover.  Yes, you heard me right--a book set in the 1890's talking openly about lesbians.  So maybe it is trashy...hmmm.  Trashy be damned, they are very fun little mysteries.  Anyway, as per the character we are following here, she gets herself mixed up in a murder-mystery and goes blundering head first into it.  This one has peacocks.

In book #5 The Dark Inquiry, we are back in London, and this is where the author finally gives us a definite time period.  I'd really only been guessing based on the way she described the clothes, but it was driving me crazy since I am a visual person and needed a date to help fix my visionary reading style.  She mentions Jack The Ripper which puts us squarely in the region of 1888 to 1891.  You can Wikipedia it.  I forget how gruesome that set of incidents was.  Be warned, though...they have a picture of one of the last victims on there.  It is not pretty.

Anyway, that sets the backdrop for L.J.'s latest mystery romp combined with a medium and some gypsies it is no wonder her husband is all in a fury with her sneaking around London at night.

It is in this respect I feel that we are similar.  I also do not sense danger very well.  It has never bothered me to be out on the streets of Large Cities (New York, London, Los Angeles) alone at night.  On our vacation to Mexico last spring, I had several people ask me if I was ever afraid.  "Of what?" I asked.  They then reminded me of the drug cartel, and I reminded them I was on the beach.
Maybe I am over confident in my ability to take care of myself...hence my connection with L.J.

These are a good continuation if you've started on this series.  Everyone should have a light hearted read now and again because we're all a bit too serious.


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