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I'm a costume designer, makeup artist, teacher, mom, sewer, knitter, baker, want-to-learn-how-to-do-it-all, blogging, Costumed Beagle enthusiast. I am not always pleasant, although through intensive cupcake therapy I have learned not to throw knives at people anymore.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Anna's Big Day

Here she is with her grandfather who performed
the ordinances.
Yesterday was a big day for Citizen #2.  My Anna was baptized and officially became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
The day went pretty smoothly, until the Bishop decided to ask people to bear their testimonies, indicating both Anna and her mother twice.  Alas, he did not know that we are not a family that can be compelled or coerced into spirituality and there were several long minutes of silence before he acquiesced and closed the service sans testimonies.
I have lovely friends who spoke and played the piano and stepped up and filled in where needed.
And then we had cake.
It was a good day and gave me just enough of a lift that I might make it another week.
I might step it up too...who knows.

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